Terms & Conditions

  1. I am 18 years old and above and fully understood all in and out herein and the risk associated hereof.
  2. That my participation herein is voluntary, no hype and definitely no coercion applied to me to participate.
  3. That any amount I shared herein is guaranteed mine and does not come from any illegal activities neither coming from other persons nor from organization's funds diverted by me without permission.
  4. I agreed and understand that my profit herein relied heavily on the continuous operation of the platform and to the currency exchange rate difference globally, traded in real time in a manageable down/upward graph.
  5. That the platform and the system do not guarantee all the time a fixed trading profit in a fixed schedule when the global digital currency exchange rate suddenly dropped by 25% within 7 days time based on actual trading data.
  6. I totally agree that any funds already entered into the system is not refundable nor be refunded except otherwise to obey and follow all agreed profit delivery schedule included in the pay plan and within the bound of this agreement.
  7. That I faithfully agreed and obeyed all terms and conditions governing herein and promote this platform with Pride, confidence and trust for I fully understood all the risks hereof as well as the golden opportunities offered Herein and including any monetary gained and losses incurred hereafter.
  8. That I agreed that If I am caught manufacturing, tampering, fabricating, cross endorsing and editing bank or remittances receipts, Onecash Trading platform has the right to deactivate my account permanently without my consent.