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About Onecash

ONECASH Trading is an online crypto currency trading platform engage in partnering and educating individual crypto currency traders and first timer traders to venture into a business of buying and selling multi digital currencies such as bitcoin, etherium, ripple, dash, litecoin, monero, SIBcoin, mooncoin, and many others via ONECASH Trading platform and send it in bulk to our global trading counterparts such as GDAX, COINBASE, POLONIEX, HitBTC, Kraken etc. ONECASH Trading solely earns from digital currency exchange rate difference and distributed the profits to all individual traders connected to ONECASH Trading platform based on agreed pay plan.

What is Bitcoin?

How is Bitcoin mined?

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Be a ride Trader and Start Trading today and earn as much as 25% every week in 8 Trading Cycle Weeks from Crypto Volatility exchange rate difference globally.
Push the buttons at mining area and you will surely get crypto credits as good as cash instantly! Keep on pushing the button until you become an instant big time digital miner.
Build your team of affiliates and enjoy unlimited passive earnings from 1st level affiliates up the 10th level affiliates of your group.

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Trading Profit Distribution

Wednesday 12:00 (Midnight)

Friday to Tuesday
Direct Referral, Mining, Trader’s Top-Up And Mining Top-Up Profit Distribution

Wednesday 12:00 (Midnight)

Friday to Tuesday
Master Trader, Group Trader Exchanger Profit Distribution

Wednesday 12:00 (Midnight)

Friday to Tuesday

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Frequently Asked Questions

ONECASH Trading is online cryptocurrency trading platform engages in partnering and educating individual cryptocurrency traders and first timer traders to learn and venture into a business of trading digital assets and its future applications.

We are a group of digital currency traders, crypto trading enthusiasts and digital economy educators actively promoting digital economy that currently shaking and making headlines to the financial market. As a group , We are actively promoting to all individual who are willing to learn this phenomenal thing called digital currency revolution and its impact in the future of digital payment system. Our economy is changing. From barter system to paper money to ATM, to E-Commerce site, Online shops and now the rise of digital money where every changes occurred there are always a golden opportunity in it! So don't left behind learn from us! (

July 23, 2017

Onecash Trading purely offered services like Multi CryptoCurrency Trading Tutorial, Auto digital currency trading, Digital Wallet, Initial Coin Offering(ICO) financing, Digital Assets acquisitions, Blockchain Technology Based E-commerce Site and Digital Payment Center.

As of now, we are moving purely online doing tutorial, seminars, orientations and educations to interested individual in different places around the globe on how to trade multi digital currencies in different globally recognized trading platforms such as POLONIEX,GDAX, BITSHUMB, KRAKEN, COINOLOGY, COINONE,KORBIT, COINBASE, COINS.PH, BLOCKCHAIN.INFO and many more. But because Onecash plan to create our own token or coins, Blockchain base E-commerce site, Digital Wallet and Digital Payment Centers that’s the only time Onecash Trading will establish a physical corporate office to showcase onecash trading products and services offered. Right now, onecash trading provide a comprehensive online back office to track every transaction and trading portfolio availed from the platform at ( Onecash Trading also provides its trader affiliates a free access to social media content and information to educate and provide them more information necessary to learn and earn from this rare global digital currency trading opportunity.

First, convey yourself that you want to join onecash trading. Then You have to find existing trader affiliates of onecash trading. Ask his/her username as your direct sponsor and register your information at click login then click register. Initial registration is abolutely free of charge! You are now registered temporarily and your account is still inactive.
Then if you want to utilized the platform and activate your inactive account, kindly contact and inform your direct sponsor that you want to activate it. Then a small fee will be collected from you as your digital currency trading enrollment and account activation fee or in short digital trading tutorial fee because definitely learning is earning! If you want to earn you have to learn and if you want to learn you have to pay for it. That’s education and tutorial offered by onecash trading. After being activated or becoming onecash trader affiliate you can either trade directly or join onecash auto trading services.

Onecash auto trading services is a crowd funding services wherein all trader affiliates who don't have a comprehensive knowledge about multi Cryptocurrency trading and don't like to venture into direct trading are open to ride or join onecash auto trading services. Wherein onecash trading platform through master traders, group traders and sponsors collect the fiat money (entries) from interested individual including active trader affilliates then the platform or system convert it to digital assets and send it to global trading counterparts hoping to earn in a given time and return it to the individual owner with profits and vice versa.

  1. This services is intended only to individual who are risk takers and capable and open enough to understand the risk as well as the opportunity in it.
  2. Onecash Trading does not allow individual to join this auto trading services without exact knowledge or not oriented regarding the risk and opportunity in digital trading nor Onecash allow and accept money from any illegal sources nor accepts questionable money except otherwise money that is intended only for business purposes.

Yes. Auto trading services is just one of the trading portfolios or ways to earn offered by onecash trading and auto trading services is absolutely optional. To know more about onecash trading complete payplan just contact your direct sponsor, or your tag group trader or master trader or you may attend onecash series of digital currency trading orientations and seminars conducted in different places near you.